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Working hours:

180-192 hours/month (12-hour shift, 15-16 shifts)


(a) The year-end bonus is handled in the same way as for government employee

(b) National tourist card: up to 16,000 NTD per year based on seniority

(c) Guaranteed annual leave for half a month (calculated according to the proportion of seniority if it is less than one year)

(d) Association-related activities or General emergency training courses are mostly subsidized

(e) The department subsidizes residents to participate in international conference


(a) Our hospital is a hospital with severe emergency responsibility, with an average monthly attendance of about 8,500 patients, covering mild and severe patients. Attending physicians are on duty at the frontline twenty four seven. Over-24-hours stay rate of emergent patients is about 5%.

(b) Our hospital is an affiliated hospital of the National Cheng Kung University. In addition to routine emergency clinical work, our emergency department also assists the government in handling the Southern Region Emergency Medical Operations Center (REMOC) and the National Disaster Medical Ambulance Team (NDMAT) business. Therefore, you will have in-depth understanding and practical experience of disaster response after the residency training.

(c) There are many instructing physicians for emergency medical technicians (EMT) in our department, and they work closely with the Tainan Fire Department's dedicated rescue team. In addition to solid prehospital rescue training, international medical care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation research, infectious disease research, and public health practice and other topics are also one of our characteristics.

(d) There are academic activities every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, regular reading clubs, and resident physician training every six months. The training activities are rich and diverse.

License pass rate:

Those who have completed our training can successfully pass the Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine Certification Exam.

We sincerely welcome you to learn and work together.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call: (06) 2766120 or FAX (06) 2359562

Emergency Department mailbox: em72237@email.ncku.edu.tw