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First Aid Training

The Affiliated Hospital of National Cheng Kung University School of Medicine is an important center of medical education in southern Taiwan. Its emergency department has been responsible for coordinating first aid education and training. The employees have conducted many courses such as BLS, ETTC, ACLS and APLS. Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, Chengyi has been involved in the emergency department all the way. I believe that the teachers cultivated and years of emergency education have enabled countless medical practitioners and working partners in and out of the hospital to learn relevant first aid knowledge through courses. It also allows medical students to continue to serve the people and villagers with the teaching efforts of the teachers of this hospital, whether they stay in this hospital or go to work in other institutions after graduation. It is hoped that people who have received first aid education in the future, whether medical personnel, hospital volunteers, transport cleaning personnel, etc., will encounter a temporary emergency situation when encountering patients in the hospital, or encounter people unfortunately falling to the ground, foreign objects on roads, trains, restaurants and other places. When there is an emergency such as choking, timely assistance can be given to obtain timely treatment, so that the concept of the chain of life can be truly realized and save lives.