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Division of Toxicology


  • Contents: Introduction to Toxicology, Acute Care of Poisoned Patients, Treatment of Common Poisons, Phantom of Poisons (Poisons in Current Events), Response to Chemical Disasters and Putting on and Taking Off Protective Clothing.
  • Target
    • Sixth year medical school student
    • PGY Resident
    • Nursing students/Nurse/Nursing practitioner
    • Out-of-hospital paramedics/technicians, paramedics
  • Monthly discussions on clinical poisoning cases are held regularly


  • Combined with the Southern District Emergency Medical Response Center of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the hospital responsible for chemical disasters in Southern Taiwan will provide equipment subsidies, personnel education and training, and chemical disaster drills and assessments for the ability to handle chemical disasters.
  • Regularly identify the chemical disaster drills in the hospital
  • Establish an antidote loan channel with the Pharmacy Department


  • Trend analysis of clinical prognosis of patients with common poisonous drug poisoning in emergency department
  • Evaluation, Analysis and Review of Chemical Hazard Drills in the Jurisdiction


  • Combined with the inspection department, nephrology department, environmental medicine department, pharmacy department, trace poison inspection center, and food safety research department, it provides more comprehensive inspection and prevention information for emergency and outpatient patients with suspected toxic substances and personnel exposed to special occupational environments.

Intoxication Management Training:

  • During the training process, the resident physicians will participate in the training of Taipei Veterans General Hospital or Taichung Veterans General Hospital Poison and Drug Center, and already have the relevant knowledge about poison drug consultation. The relevant education and training courses of the Emergency Department and the Emergency Medicine Department are as follows. During the residency training, there will be opportunities to assist in the course:
    • Tainan area emergency rescue network emergency technical staff (EMT) training course.
    • Taipei Veterans General Hospital Toxicology Online Meeting