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ATLS/ETTC training


Advanced Trauma Lifesaving (ATLS):

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) is formulated by the American College of Surgeons to provide recommendations and guidelines for the treatment and management of acute trauma patients. Through course training and the concept of trauma ABCDE, it enables clinical medical staff to face In the event of an emergency at the scene of a major trauma, a systematic treatment process can be established. From time to time, the headquarters invites ATLS instructors from our hospital and other hospitals to hold courses, and update the course training with updated concepts and treatment suggestions, so that the frontline medical staff can quickly and accurately treat trauma patients where every second counts.


Emergency Trauma Training Course (ETTC):

The Emergency Trauma Training Course (ETTC) is established by the Trauma Emergency Medical Committee of the Taiwan Emergency Medical Association. This training uses a series of courses, including lectures and group interactive case teaching, so that emergency medical staff can In the face of various traumas, burns, frostbite and other conditions, there are some basic concepts of treatment, and a further understanding of wound care and suturing. There are many ETTC instructors in the department, and courses are held from time to time.